Request for confirmation of important information!

Request for confirmation of important information!

Chef Joséra and the entire QueBo! staff Please read this notice until the end.

We use DiDi delivery and LALA MOVE delivery for our deliveries.
Please be sure to read the following notes in this regard.

When making a purchase in our store,

(1) Provide a clear delivery address (preferably as provided on your utility receipts) and the purchaser's personal phone number (required).

(2) If the person placing the order and the recipient of the merchandise are different, be sure to include the time slot in which the recipient can receive the merchandise and a telephone number where they can be reached or, failing that, , from a third party that may receive if the final recipient is not at home.
(Avoid entering telephone numbers of companies or businesses, please enter only personal contact numbers).

(3) Our online store has a chat function that allows you to message us about any questions you may have at any time, and our staff will be happy to answer your questions as they arise.

(4) We generally ship within a maximum of 48 hours.
Please contact us for same day shipping, and we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee same day shipping.

If the recipient is not located, the product will be returned to the nearest store and you will be able to pick it up within a maximum of 72 hours. We are not responsible for lost packages due to errors in the information provided by the customer.


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