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Artisanal bakery based on sourdough

Madre is a concept where all the preparation of its products is with sourdough. Returning the virtues of the old bread, with deep flavors, respecting the block fermentation time as well as the 18 hours of fermentation at 6ºC.
Loaves, baguettes, laminates and focaccias are just some of the elements that give life to Madre.
A responsible pastry shop where there is no waste since no product is exposed to the elements or on shelves. Everything is baked, rested and thus packaged to be delivered to the hands of our client when picking it up in our stores or sending it to the interior of the republic.

I am a bakery lover and during my stay in Barcelona I received the “Young Chef of Catalonia” award while I worked as a chef and teacher, I decided to return to my beloved Mexico to continue creating and such is the case of Madre by JoséRa, bread made of sourdough.

”For customers who buy MADRE”

Currently, all MADRE products are made by hand, and including the fermentation and aging period of the baker's yeast and other ingredients, we are limited to one shipment per week.
If you purchase QueBo! products and MADRE products at the same time, we will not be able to ship the MADRE products within 48 hours.
If you want to buy MADRE products, you must place your order from Sunday to Wednesday to be shipped on Saturday afternoon.